Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is my first time to shine light on something outside of fashion, so its only right that I show my family love. If you want to know what I have been listening too for the past two weeks, outside of regular music routine, it has been these two compositions.  Please Stream/Download:



Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I gave some university alma mater love to DePaul on the last day of PITTI with the Letterman jacket. It's one of those irreplaceable pieces that only my son could have. Some friends found it in the back of our athletic center and blessed me with it. By the linings I can tell its at least 30 years old because letterman jackets are not made like this anymore, and the fit feels like its from the 70s.

Jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Gutteridge
Pants: HM x MMM
Scarf: Marks and Spencer

Photos by: Laura Muscat


 Because of classes and presentations I couldn't go to PITTI on the third day, however I did make it to Maison Kitsune's concept show and after-party, both were dope events! Eli & Fur killed it!

 I can not completely take credit for this cashmere sweater. It was actually Hero George's, but we made a trade and his lost turned into my gain.

Blazer: J.Crew
Sweater: The Line
Polo: Rag and Bone
Shoes: Army Surplus
Pants: HM x MMM
Hat: MMM 

Photos by: Laura Muscat

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 If your over the age 23 and do not have a go-to tailor by now then it's time for you to make an adult move and find one. A man's tailor is the equivalent of a good barber, as someone you can always count on.
Kept it conservative, but had to add some personality with the beanie. 
Suit: Custom
Down Vest: Club Monaco
Tie: Vintage Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Gutteridge
Shoes: Cole Haan
Hat: Carhartt
Backpack: Vintage


It's a exciting time of the year right now with menswear Milan Fashion Week going on right now and for the next couple of months fashion weeks around the world.  There's only one appropriate way to kick off the fashion season than no other than PITTI UOMO. The 83rd version to be exact, and my first PITTI experience.

Couldn't have planned it better! It was an oppurtunity to view thousands of brands new collections, and meet some of the industry's finest. Here is my Day 1 look, that has been referenced as "Retro Flair."
I was caught with a mean mug.

Jacket: Straight To Hell
Sweater: J.Crew
Trousers: Custom
Shirt: J.Crew
Tie: J.Crew
Shoes: Bass

Photos by: Laura Muscat

Monday, January 7, 2013


 Keith Haring Mural, highlight of my "Celebrate The Dead" weekend.
 My Denim jacket is my go-to layer piece for Fall and Winter. Pea coats, blazers, trench-coats, leather jackets. I'm starting to believe they can go underneath anything. You can do some cool things with layering, just take some chances and have fun.

 Jacket: J. Crew
Denim Jacket: Levis Strauss
Denim: A.P.C
Boots: Red Wings

Photos by: Laura Muscat

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Out The Game

Apologies for the absence from the blog. The last few months have flown by, and I've just been neglecting it. I know! Blogger 101 lesson not to do. But I'm back on my job, and will be back regularly posting.

I have not done a "Out The Game" post in a while, and finally found some inspiration to do one. As you can see by the picture below there is a lot going on. From the subject, DeShawn Stevenson, to his convenient kitchen appliance, a ATM machine . The picture has been around for about a year now, and like me, I'm sure you have many questions: Withdrawal fees, MasterCard or Visa or both, How often does it get replenish, etc. A salute goes to him for taking a chance with a bold, monochromatic attire choice, however, it is still "Out The Game," but at least he does not have to search for an ATM ever in life again!