Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Out The Game

In this last edition of "Out The Game" I must shed light on a icon's style that does not reflect the contributions he's made to the game of basketball. I am speaking of, "His Airness," The G.O.A.T,  Michael Jordan.  There was a time he was considered stylish by creating a professional look to the sport when he began wearing suits to games and other players followed, but now, that style pass has been revoked! As a fashion enthusiast and a true Michael Jordan fan since birth, I feel like its my responsibility to show what I am speaking about...

He has a thing for distress denim, and oversize blazers.  No sagging for MJ just chest, high pants... lol...

What in the hell are these pants??

I've been laughing hysterically while working on this post, I hope your during the same. If you want to take more style ques from MJ you should make your way here.

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