Monday, July 30, 2012


Apologies on the delayed posts, but I've been pursuing my passion for fashion. I have been accepted to the Masters Program for Brand Management at Polimoda in Florence, Italy, and I depart for Florence late September. Yup! This Houston Hard Hitter is taking his talents to Italy now!

 Went to grab some dinner with my Mom and came across this construction site that we could have some fun with...

 The sleeveless shirt is a #DIY (Do It Yourself) result, when I saw this Dior shirt in a vintage store, but it was short in the sleeves for me. I took the sleeves off and re-sowed the frayed ends to keep it neat still. This shirt has not let me down in this heat and is more versatile than you can imagine.

Shirt: Vintage Christian Dior
Denim: Uniqlo
Shoes: Nike Free Run 2
Hat: The Hundreds
Watch: Movado
Watchband: J. Crew


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